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So you want to market your medical practice. Here are a few of our suggestions. NanoPlanet is a marketing firm that designs websites, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email, social media and much more. In the last few years, we have found that we are making very similar suggestions to the various businesses that we represent. Here’s our list of suggestions that we think you’ll find helpful.

1). You need a website. In order to attract new patients, you will need to have an enticing on-line brochure…so to speak. There should be many pages that describe your practice, your procedures and your products and services. And you need to revisit the information that you place on line. We find that many practices have websites, but they haven’t been updated in quite some time.

2). Your website needs to be mobile friendly. Most of our doctors enjoy approximately 42% of their visits from mobile. Be sure to check and see what your website looks like on mobile too. It’s not automatically perfect.

3). SEO – each and every one of your pages should communicate to search engines. As should your photos. We find that most practices have their home page optimized, and that’s it. You need every photo and every page set up to communicate.

4). Quality Custom content is vital to your practice as well. In your rush to set up your site, you went to the manufacturer of the equipment that you use in your office and probably just cut and pasted into one of your pages. That’s called duplicate content and is a real no-no in SEO. All of your pages should be written clearly and concisely to communicate what your practice is all about. And you want to make sure that you don’t overload your pages with keywords that you think will work to drive business to your office. Keyword stuffing is also a bad idea.

5). Claim all of your local listings on directories that are pertinent to your business. If you are a plastic surgeon you should have your own page on RealSelf and

6). Establish branding for your firm. Your look, colors, logos, slogans etc should be on all of your social media, blog, advertising etc.

7). Email Marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your patients on a regular basis. Upcoming events, office parties, special offers, newsletters are all best delivered in well designed emails.

8). Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with your patients. Make sure that you are giving your patients useful health tips and don’t get political on your business pages. Stay away from touchy subjects.

9). Press Releases are very important to keep your practice in the news. When you get a new piece of equipment, or add another person to the firm, be sure to tell the world. We use Cision | PRWeb | PRNewswire to distribute our news.

10). PPC (Pay Per Click) can sometimes boost your practice too. You will want to do some research about how your patients find you. What do they type into search to find your practice? Those are the words that you will want to buy through search engines.

11). YouTube is a fantastic way to introduce your practice to the world. When you publish videos (no more than 8 minutes long) about procedures, you can keyword optimize the video and it will index in search. The patients will get an idea who you are and that you are a reputable physician.

12). Testimonials are vital to your practice. You will need to ask your patients for their feedback. There are many services that integrate with WordPress and SMS that will allow you to ask your patient what they thought about their visit with you.

13). Patient surveys can be helpful too. We use Survey Monkey and pose questions about patient preferences and what they would like to see in your practice.

14). Do local news interviews. Become the pre-eminent authority in your area.

15). Get published in medical journals.

16). Do podcasts about your practice and specific popular procedures.

There’s much more that you can do, but start with these ideas and we promise that you’ll see an increase in patient visits.

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